TT003 – Mastering Well Owner Education

How do you protect public health when there are no regulations that provide minimum standards for well construction?

In this episode we’re chatting with Bryan Swistock about his experiences in outreach, education, and research at PennState Extension, one of the oldest and most robust private well programs in the country.

Topics Discussed

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About the Guest

Bryan Swistock is a Senior Extension Associate with Penn State University in the College of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Ecosystem Science and Management. Within Penn State Extension, Bryan previously served as the Water Resources Coordinator and currently leads the Drinking Water Extension program team. Over the past 34 years, Bryan’s applied research, teaching and extension programs have been dedicated to educating professionals and residents about emerging water resources issues throughout Pennsylvania including private water system management, emerging contaminants, climate change, acid deposition, and pond/lake ecology and management. His efforts have resulted in 50 peer-reviewed articles in scientific journals and dozens of Extension publications, articles and online courses. Over the past 15 years, Bryan projects have focused on the proper construction, testing and management of rural drinking water supplies. Since 2004, Bryan has coordinated the award-winning Master Well Owner Network; a network of over 900 volunteers which have educated over 60,000 private well owners about proper water supply management. He received a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Health from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and a master’s degree in Environmental Pollution Control from Penn State University.