TT004 – The Problem with Springs

Springs can be safe private drinking water sources if they are protected, tested, and treated when necessary.

Historic roadside springs that attract hundreds seeking “pure” water are an ongoing challenge for drinking water regulators as well as health professionals seeking the source of waterborne disease cases.

Judy Manners has extensively explored this issue in Tennessee, seeking to understand both the history of these sources as well as quantify the real risk. In this episode she shares a peek at her work and the lessons learned in communicating with those who believe their water source is safe.

Topics Discussed

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About the Guest

Judy Manners has been has been with the State of Tennessee for 22 years and is an integral part of the waterborne team at the Tennessee Department of Health. With funding from the CDC National Center for Environmental Health, she provides out reach to those with an unregulated, private water supply and has a Masters of Science in Biology from Murray State University.