TT007 – Helping the Smallest Water Systems

Those who rely on a single well as their source of drinking water have much in common, even as some are regulated and others are not.

In this episode we’re chatting with Jim Siriano of the American Water Works Association about his diverse career experiences working on small system drinking water issues, including the similarities between private wells and transient non-community systems and the differences between water issues in the east and the west.

Topics Discussed

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About the Guest

Jim Siriano is a Program Manager with AWWA’s Engineering and Technical Services Department. He provides technical support to several of the Association’s volunteer groups, including the Small Systems Division, Innovation Initiative, and Asset Management and Water Loss Control Committees. Prior to working at AWWA, Jim managed the State of Vermont’s Drinking Water Capacity Development Program, helping drinking water utilities improve their technical, managerial, and financial capabilities. He also worked on a variety of stormwater initiatives and social, economic, and environmental assessments as a consultant for Science Applications International Corporation.