TT008 – Asset Management for Rural America (Part 1)

How do we get to small system sustainability?

In this episode we’re chatting with Art Astarita about asset management with a small systems lens, focusing on the importance of full cost accounting, funding depreciation, engaging board members with water system planning, and integration of asset management with broader community infrastructure planning.

Topics Discussed

      • Tidbit: What is the difference between porosity and permeability?
      • Meet Art
      • Art’s Water Hero: Steve Allbee
      • Takeaways from helping small systems with asset management
      • Importance of full cost accounting and funding depreciation
      • Engaging board members with water system planning
      • Integration of water infrastructure asset management with broader community infrastructure planning

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About the Guest

In early 2020, Mr. Astarita retired from RCAP Solutions after 22 years providing technical assistance to rural communities and water and, wastewater systems. Prior to joining RCAP, Art was employed for 22 years as an international exploration geologist experienced in well bore geophysics and paleo-environmental interpretation While with RCAP, Art’s technical assistance included environmental assessment reports, and GPS/GIS mapping of system infrastructure, watersheds, and wellhead protection sites, grant/loan application writing, and system financial analysis. He is a certified petroleum geologist #4643 and past member of the New England Water Works Association Groundwater Committee, Rural Development New England Engineers’ Liaison Committee, Maine Water Utilities Association, Maine GIS Users Group. Education: 1973 B.Sc. Geology at Bowling Green State University; 1975 M.Sc. Geology at Oklahoma State University.