TT014 – Building Civic Engagement in Rural Water Issues

Jerry Tinoco is passionate about his work in California for the Rural Community Assistance Corporation (RCAC). In this episode we chat about the value of public service, connecting with community members to build trust, and the multiple hats technical assistance providers wear.

Topics Discussed

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About the Guest

Jerry Tinoco is a Rural Development Specialist for the Environmental Department at the Rural Community Assistance Corporation. RCAC is a non-profit that provides technical assistance to rural communities for various rural needs in an effort to ensure rural communities thrive. Jerry has been at RCAC for five years now and has worked in many of their programs. He helps small water and wastewater systems with compliance issues and helps obtain funding for construction projects. Jerry is involved in RCAC’s private well assessment program under EPA and the dry well replacement program under the State of California. He also provides technical assistance under the State’s Drinking Water for Schools programs that includes installation of new water treatment, new water fountains, or interim bottled water programs in schools. Jerry recently also joined the Building Rural Economies team where we help with economic development in small communities. He is the former Chairman of his hometown’s Planning Commission Board and a current Master’s student at Harvard’s online Sustainability and Environmental Management program.