TT031 – Funding Your Water Infrastructure Project

When Saco, Maine calculated the true cost of not updating their wastewater plant to accommodate the impacts of climate change, local government officials took action to secure the needed funding. Our conversation with Emily-Cole Prescott and Howard Carter includes the importance of communication and outreach in gaining support for the project.

Topics Discussed

“Fast forward 30 years later we’re now backing up to the plant 30 to 40 times a year due to sea level rise.”

Howard Carter

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About the Guests

Emily Cole-Prescott is the Planning Director for the City of Saco, Maine. She has 15+ years of experience in municipal government, in various roles from planning, wastewater compliance manager, to law enforcement policy work. Emily looks forward to working with people from all different backgrounds and professions on creating healthy and prosperous communities.

Howard Carter is the director of the Water Resource Recovery Department for the City of Saco, Maine. He is responsible for the daily operations and maintenance, funding, staffing, billing, licensing, and construction of the city’s Resource Recovery Facility and 32 pumping stations. He also oversees the implementation of the Combined Sewer Overflow Master Plan and any separation or construction projects associated with that.