TT005 – Controlling Nitrification in Chloraminated Systems

Three months after retiring from Illinois EPA Dave McMillan starting working for the Illinois Rural Water Association as a trainer and technical service provider. In this episode we reflect on Dave’s career in the industry, including what’s changed and what hasn’t. We dive deeper on preventing and addressing nitrification issues in water systems that use chloramines for disinfection.

Correction: In this episode it is stated that a 7-1 ammonia to chlorine ratio should be used to optimize monochloramine. This should have been 5-1. 7-1 gets you to free chlorine on the breakpoint curve. Here’s a helpful explainer.

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About the Guest

Dave McMillan is currently employed by the Illinois Rural Water Association as their training specialist. Dave retired from Illinois Environmental Protection Agency in December 2018 after spending over 33 years working with Illinois water supplies. He graduated in 1985 from Bradley University with a Bachelors Degree in Geological Sciences and maintains an Illinois Professional Geologist License.