TT041 – Data: The Key to Private Well Advocacy

This week, Jennifer and Steve are chatting with Amie Shei from the Health Foundation of Central Massachusetts, which for five years has been lobbying for the implementation of statewide regulations on private well water quality. Listen to learn how data from sampling private wells has been essential to these efforts and other strategies to advocate for the safekeeping of private wells.

Topics Discussed

“There are so many states, so many communities, that rely on private wells and they continue to be overlooked because the federal regulations simply do not address private well drinking water.”

Amie Shei

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About the Guest

Dr. Amie Shei is President & CEO of The Health Foundation of Central Massachusetts, a health conversion foundation.  The Foundation’s mission is to improve the health of those who live or work in Central Massachusetts, with a focus on vulnerable populations and unmet needs. Dr. Shei joined the Foundation in 2016 and plays a leading role in its grantmaking and advocacy efforts aimed at improving health, broadly defined, and promoting health equity. Prior to joining the Foundation, she worked in health care strategy and health economics research, and she also taught community health at Tufts University. Dr. Shei earned a BA in English from Amherst College, and two graduate degrees from Harvard University: an MS in Health Policy & Management and a PhD in Health Policy. She received several fellowships to support her dissertation research on the health impacts of an anti-poverty program in Brazil, including a Fulbright Fellowship from the U.S. Department of State.