TT044 – Cybersecurity: Helpful Resources for Small Systems

On this week’s Tap Talk, we’re talking about a topic that is becoming ever more important for water utilities: cybersecurity. Steve and Jennifer discuss how essential it is to protect the digital systems at even the smallest of water systems and the basic steps that those smallest utilities can take with Jennifer Lyn Walker, the Director of Infrastructure Cyber Defense for WaterISAC.

Topics Discussed

“I think that a lot of people stray away from any [cybersecurity] because they don’t realize that cybersecurity does not have to be about the next shiny thing.”

Jennifer Lyn Walker

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About the Guest

Jennifer Lyn Walker is the Director of Infrastructure Cyber Defense for WaterISAC. She is a cybersecurity professional with over twenty-three years of experience supporting critical infrastructure organizations from financial services, healthcare, water/wastewater, and governments. She also advises and consults on cyber threats related to homeland security for other critical infrastructure and vital lifeline sectors. Jennifer is experienced in malware analysis, cyber threat intelligence, threat assessments, compliance, cybersecurity awareness, and insider threat protection. She is the primary author of WaterISAC’s 15 Cybersecurity Fundamentals for Water and Wastewater Utilities. Jennifer holds a BASc in Management Information Systems from Robert Morris University, and is a licensed pilot.