TT046 – Lead Service Line Replacements: Lessons from Cleveland (Part 2)

This week we are bringing you part two of our conversation with Brenda Culler and Joshua Pecek of Cleveland Water‘s lead service line replacement team! The substantial efforts of their team provide a model for other water systems of all sizes who are developing their own plans to replace the millions of lead service lines in the United States. 

Topics Discussed

  • How Cleveland Water approaches customer outreach for LSLR
  • The necessity of photo documentation prior to starting a replacement project
  • Strategies to manage the digital assets for LSLR projects
  • Training and preparing staff for communicating with customers
  • Customer lack of understanding of how utilities function and the infrastructure in their own homes, and the challenges that can bring
  • How their work can inspire new recruits to the water utility field
  • Brenda on LinkedIn
  • Cleveland Water

“You gotta get out there and interact with the people, because every situation is different. Every community is different. Every block is different.”

Joshua Pecek

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About the Guests

Brenda Culler’s 24-year career has focused on water quality and Lake Erie. She’s been at Cleveland Water since 2017 and is currently the Lead(Pb) Program Manager for the team responsible for developing and implementing Cleveland Water’s LSLR plan to meet LCRR/LCRI compliance. Cleveland Water has secured around $65 million in federal LSLR funding. In addition to her LSLR role, Brenda specializes in creating clear communication materials from scientific data, legislative requirements, and engineering & industry standards. Brenda holds a BS in Journalism from Kent State University.

Joshua Pecek is Cleveland Water’s Lead Service Line Replacement Work Administrator. Josh has worked at Cleveland Water since 2015 as part of the pipe repair and hydraulics sections and since December 2022 as the LSLR Supervisor and Suburban Water Main Program Administrator. His field experience and background in coaching has allowed him to successfully oversee LSLR work and train field staff to ensure the work is done properly. Josh’s role on the LSLR team is to coordinate with contractors in scheduling the replacement work, reviewing work orders to ensure everything has been done properly, scheduling field staff and coordinating with safety service directors in the communities Cleveland Water serves.